The Why…

I was drawn to photography at a young age. I find it to be a fascinating form to express someone’s likeness.  With a background in conceptual art, I strive to capture more than just a person’s likeness in a photograph. I try to show a glimpse of who they really are, and there is a fine line between likeness and spirit. Only when I capture both of these, have I created an accurate portrait. I find the trick to working with my clients, is to explore sentimental moments, and then I get to see glimpses of each person’s unique spirit. I love to photograph the happy moments, long-awaited milestones, and momentous occasions.

I started my photography business after the birth of my first daughter. As a new mother, I quickly learned the importance of capturing fleeting moments, when it might have become too easy to lose myself in a sea of have-to-do’s, instead of cherishing what each day brought.  So, my client approach is both sincere and heartfelt. I create for them, a lasting memory of a special moment in time. I know what it is like to be proud, happy, and above all, aware of how quickly life moves on.

Today marks the anniversary of my first year in business, and the memories and moments have flown by! I am enjoying my clients and my work, more than I ever thought possible. I love the challenges each day brings, and the clients have been extraordinary, not only to work with, but also to share life with.